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Tax Planning

Dear Investor,

You have put an effort to visit this page, hence We assume you are someone who is serious about finding the right advisor, who will give you unbiased and wise advise for your financial wellbeing. In our country, mis selling of financial products such as insurance policies, mutual funds, equity shares and bonds are rampant. We are sure that you have also come across such agents disguised as an Advisor, trying to sell you some kind of financial product. In most of these cases the fees earned by the distributor, disguised as an Advisor is huge. These products may or may not make You rich, but It will definitely make your agent rich. 

Let us further explain this with a simple example, A SIP of Rs. 10,000 monthly in a mutual fund done with an agent with fees of 1% will become Rs. 1 Crore (Approx.) in 20 Years at 12% CAGR, However the same money done directly, without any agent will become  Rs. 1 Crore 20 lacs (Approx.) in 20 Years at 12% CAGR. 

We at CCC are working towards bringing transparency in the field of Financial Advisory. We do this by taking a small fixed fees directly from you, but We do not take any commission from any other party be it an Insurance Company or Mutual Fund. By this We keep our Client's interest as top priority and never get lured by high fee products offered by agents in the market.

We would be happy to schedule a free call or a meeting with you to discuss your Financial Goals. 

Thank You ....